Do you know the true cost of a downtime event for your business?

Many organizations struggle with the cost, preparation and accountability of disaster recovery. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Meanwhile, it is essential for organizations to recover from any minor or major emergency to ensure business continuity.

WinRM is a comprehensive SharePoint-based solution for disaster recovery planning and execution. It helps organizations to automate tracking and reporting of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity related testing activities for compliance adherence.

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Why you need Disaster Recovery?


of companies acknowledge that they are not well prepared to fight disaster instances


of organizations do not have a formally documented disaster recovery plan


of all businesses have experienced some disaster bad enough to halt operations


of companies report they have experienced downtime from a single event, lasting more than 8 hours

Here is how WinWire helps you minimize service interruptions with WinRM

Businesses, in the course of their daily operations, generate large volumes of mission-critical data. The impact of data loss due to natural disasters or man-made events could compromise business efficiency.

Our recovery management solution, WinRM ensures data recovery as per set objectives, thereby assuring business continuity.

Assess & Plan

Day 1 – Assessment and planning for site recovery


Day 2 to 5 – Azure site recovery and automate recovery of your infrastructure in PoC


Manage the health of your system using Operations Management Suite


WinRM is an all-inclusive SharePoint-based solution for disaster recovery planning and execution to manage service and business continuity.

A large financial services firm leverages SharePoint Solution for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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